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13 October 2009

Life Recap

Today I went to the dentist for the first time in ... don't judge me ... seven years. I haven't had real dental insurance in FOREVER and, now thatI have a good job with awesome benefits, I figured it was high time I went. Happily, the news was good. Well, it wasn't bad. They didn't clean them today because they "debrided" all of the tartar and plaque off. My teeth feel all sqeaky clean!! I do have a couple of small cavities that need filling, and I'll return before and after my Spain trip to get them taken care of as well as having a real cleaning. I LOVED the hygenist and dentist that I went to. They were VERY nice and didn't judge me for my lackluster dental dedication.


School/Teaching has been going well. I really love my little guys and gals; they are so damn cute! They are really smart kids (for the most part) and come up with some crazy antics. There has been some uneccesary parent BS to deal with, but my team has been super supportive and understanding. They really do have my back and have helped me to deal with the BS. Overall, to quote McDonalds (I think), I'm lovin' it!


Spain is ONE MONTH AWAY!!!!! I am so stoked!!! We found this awesome little apartment on the Med for $230 a week! It is in this quaint little fishing village filled with natives and little markets and shops and the beach is five minutes away. I'll spend a week in Madrid, running around the city and having a blast, and then The Boy and I will spend a week chillin' in the Mediteranean. I'm also planning a trip to Segovia to see a 16th C. castle and some Roman Aquaducts as well as a trip to Granada to see Alhambra. I may need to get a secondary memory card for my camera for all of my pics!!!!

Aside from Spain, I'm hoping to be in San Fran this February for another conference. It's the national Independent School conference, and I'm looking forward to going because, well, it's in San Francisco. Plus I think I'll get something out of it! One of my girlfriends at CA is planning to go with me, and we will TEAR UP that town!!!

So, that is my life! It's pretty much rockin' at this point!!!
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