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29 October 2009

Some people call me a bad person ...

Some call me the gangster of love ...

Okay. That was random, but that is what you love about me.

I called in sick to work today. It was planned. I made the decision last week. I've been needing some dedicated dissertation time, so I called in. My kids have a solid period of silent reading, so I knew that we wouldn't "lose" a day of instruction through a sub.

I slept in until 9:30 (!!) which felt awesome. I got up, ate breakfast, and jumped into my work. I worked for a solid 6 hours today. It was amazing to be so productive. I took a short break for lunch but that was it.

Of course, because karma loves me, I spent the entire morning sneezing and blowing my nose while dealing with ear pain. I guess when you call in "sick," life tries to teach you a lesson. My ear still hurts, but it is far more manageable. I guess it was worth the sacrifice.

By the way ...

Espana en 16 dias!!!
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