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24 May 2010

A lot happens over night

I headed to Winston to hang out with The Boy on Saturday afternoon, leaving behind perfectly happy hanging baskets and potted herbs. I returned on Sunday afternoon to a developing new member of the Short family. :)

A mourning dove pair has taken over on of my hanging baskets and turned it into a nice little home for future generations. Overnight a pine straw nest was built and a perfect little egg appeared. Isn't this absolutely precious?!?! I don't even mind the loss of my flowering basket because now I get to watch Nature happen. Hopefully things will progress nicely and in two weeks I'll share some baby pictures!! I read that there are usually two eggs per clutch, so maybe Mama has yet to lay her second egg. I hope. :)

I also read somewhere that Mourning Doves are monogamous, and both Mama and Papa work to incubate and raise the young. In fact, after the squabs are born, they hang out with Papa until they are ready to live alone. And Mama and Papa can have up to six clutches per season! If that is the case, my flowering basket is gonna get A LOT of action in the coming months. :)

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