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25 May 2010

Poor Mrs. Mourning Dove

A few developments in the bird watching.

First, I think Mrs. Mourning Dove is flying solo on this nest. The nest was pretty much abandoned all night (I know because I was up feeling ill), but Mama was back this morning. I read that if the mate is lost for any reason, the remaining bird will continue to try to incubate the eggs. Which is generally unsuccessful. That is bad news. :(

Second, Mrs. Mourning Dove is sitting on her nest currently ... in a downpour. And she didn't build the nest under cover, so she is getting wet and cold. I feel bad for her, but seriously?!? Who builds a nest exposed to the weather?!?

I'm getting the distinct feeling that this family isn't going to survive. Sad, but it's how Nature works, right?
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