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22 June 2010

Back from vacation ... begrudgingly

The remainder of our New England get-away was quite nice. Happily the Sox won another game (and swept the series against the Dodgers as well!), but, sadly, the Celtics lost their championship bid. We watched a ton of World Cup soccer but it was all on Spanish TV since the in-laws don't have ESPN. Ispwich was pretty cool despite rather dismal weather. I'll post pics once I get resettled into life. It's taking a while despite already being back at work. Friday was a distillery tour and a beer fest in the city. That was a very good time. Five hundred beers in 3 and a half hours. We didn't drink all of them of course (or we would be DEAD!), but we tasted quite a few very yummy ones! Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed back home. We got stuck in wicked traffic on the DC beltway. Not fun at all. But we made it home safely and that is the important thing. It took longer than usual, but we made it safely. And now I have to be a real grownup again for a few weeks before the next vacation. Boo!
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