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11 October 2010

Sometimes what you pray for isn't exactly what you want

When I entered this whole car-buying experience, I prayed to God that He would lead me to make sound financial decisions and help me to follow my head and not my heart (I can be a bit impulsive sometimes). I honestly tried to follow whatever God's will was (which is something that I really struggle with). I know it may seem silly to ask God about such things, but a new car is a HUGE financial move for me. I needed some guidance and focus in my search. And since all things are possible through God, I knew that it couldn't hurt to bother Him with something so small.

Things were going great. I was doing some serious negotiating with dealers, and I had found an AWESOME deal in Maryland that would save me about $400. And that was before trade-in! I was feeling confident in my financial decisions and was getting excited about the idea of a new Jetta TDI sitting outside my door.

And then God forced my hand. Or so it feels.

Thursday afternoon on my way home from work, I totaled the car. Thankfully no one was hurt, and I am especially thankful that it wasn't my fault. A woman pulled out in front of me and then stopped, STOPPED!!, directly in front of me. I tried my hardest to swerve and break, but it wasn't possible. I T-boned the woman right in her driver side door. It was clear that it was her fault, and she admitted to it when the cop talked to her. Of course, I think she was trying to blame me (her English wasn't so good), but the cop understood it was her fault. Even the EMS and the tow driver could tell from looking at the scene that she was in the wrong. One witness said she was talking on the phone, but it all happened so fast that I couldn't confirm that. The funniest thing is that when the officer was citing her she asked, "Is her insurance going to cover this?" The officer was like, "Um. No. This accident is your fault."

I did go to urgent care on Friday morning because I was horribly sore. I got about a zillion x-rays of my neck and knee, and the doc reported that I was having muscle spasms in my neck. Thankfully my knee was fine (although I have NO IDEA how I hurt it in the accident. I must have slammed it against something). I got a prescription for some muscle relaxers and woke up feeling much better on Saturday. I had some lingering stiffness but nothing too major. Thankfully.

Today the collision center told me that they are totaling the car out. Once I reach an agreement with the insurance company, I'll have 5 days to return my rental car. That means I'll have five days to get my new car.  I was ready to buy before, but I've lost my trade-in. Hopefully the insurance will offer me a fair price for the total, and I can put that down on my new purchase. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

I can't help but see this whole situation as God's way of communicating with me. Clearly it is the right time for me to get into a new (or newer) vehicle. I'm not saying that God wants me to buy a Jetta or anything else, but it seems that all signs are pointing to a different ride. How else can I interpret a totaled car? While I certainly didn't pray for this to happen and in no way wanted it to happen, it is what it is. God knows what He is doing, and sometimes we just need to sit down, buckle up, and do what we are told. We aren't supposed to know the plan; we're just meant to follow it and face our challenges with a brave face and a willing heart.
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