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27 October 2010

Two down, many more to go

Today was the first weigh-in for the Ladies Challenge that is happening at school. A group of ladies that I work with have all decided to get fit and healthy. We started last week (quite a few of us are doing Weight Watchers Online) and everyone has lost weight. Big DB lost 4 POUNDS!! Who does that?!? I'm really proud of her. I managed to lose 2 pounds even with a long weekend eating and drinking in NOLA. I have barely exercised, so I really need to kick that up. Murph and I are taking the children (her adorable girl and my Beast) on a walk tonight before dinner. Should be a good time.

It's only two pounds, but it is two pounds in the right direction. If I can lose 2-3 pounds a week, I'll be down 10 in about a month.

Just in time for another visit to NOLA.

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