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11 July 2011

The Great Trip North - New England

We had a great time visiting our families up north, and I think the trip would be best summarized through photos. Hang on cuz there are a lot! I'm splitting them up into two separate posts - New England and New York - because the amount of photos may be too daunting for just one post

Our first day in the city included a job interview for The Boy. I got to hang out by the harbor and take pictures. 

I like how he is watching me.

As I sat on the dock of the bay (wink, wink), this guy came strutting over to me, looking for a hand-out. I like how tough he looks.  
Next was Gloucester. 

Such a quaint little north shore town. Seems to be stuck in a moment of history. 

They were all ready for the 4th.

On our last day in the city, I played around on the greenway. 

Blueberries were ripening!

Not sure what these are, but they are cool!

Love the framing here. 

The other, less industrial harbor.

The trellis over the walkway at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End.

The family touring the mountains. 

The White Mountains in NH. Gorgeous, huh?

Franconia Notch State Park.

Coolest thing ever. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of butterflies were gathering all throughout the forest. It was pretty amazing. 

Lonesome Lake on top of the mountain. A nice and easy (yeah, right!) six mile hike up a mountain for this awesome vista.  During this hike I managed to fall and bust my hip (literally). Of course I did this on the way UP which was just fantastic. 

So many waterfalls. And I'm THRILLED that I figured out my ISO setting so I could capture water correctly!

The lake by the chalet on our last day. 
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