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30 July 2011

Yet another extended summer absence ...

I guess it's a good thing that I'm not blogging as frequently this summer. I think that means I'm spending more time DOING things (mainly things AWAY from the computer). That's a good thing, right? Granted, I've spent plenty of one-on-one time with my trusty MacBook, but the majority of that has been due to dissertation work (which, I am happy to say, is actually being worked on!).

Instead of spending quality time with my computer, I've been spending more time with people and places that I love. I've had some great time with my girlfriends and their adorable children. I had a wonderful weekend in Savannah (my all-time favorite place on earth). I've visited the families up north. I've been working out at the gym (which I guess counts as "me" as a person I love). I've also worked some summer camps which allowed me the opportunity to meet some of my new 6th graders.

All in all, it's been a pretty great summer. Aside from turning (gulp) 31 (more to come about that later), I can't really complain.

How has your summer been?
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