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11 July 2011

The Great Trip North - New York

The view from Mom and Dad's. The farmer had just started bailing the hay. One of my favorite sights.

Sunset over the grasses. 

The sky was AMAZING that night. 


Evening mist in the valley 

Charlotte. Or her cousin. Not sure. 

Mom's birthday bouquet from my sister. 

Gettin' a snack.

The baby bluebirds in Mom and Dad's back yard. 

Workin' hard. 

A little slice of rural heaven.

We went hiking with my nieces at Taughannock (which is the best park in the NYS system). 


Home. When I die, spread my ashes here, please. 

Pure beauty. 

And the lakes aren't half bad either. :)

Kyra and Leah. 

Some weird bark-like moth that was hanging out in the garage. 

A few of my most favorite people: My mom, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Jeanne, and Aunt Cindy. :)

Lean back, lean back. :) This old leaning barn has been like this since I was a kid. And I hope it stays that way for a long time to come. 

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