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04 May 2012

A bit more Florida

I finally offloaded the rest of my pics from the camera, and I discovered a few leftovers from Florida. 

On my last morning in Florida, Pops and I went for a walk along the beach. Mom and Pops had been at the beach for over a week, and his feet hadn't touched the sand yet! It was nice to get out there and walk with him, just the two of us, hanging out. I miss that when I am so far away. 

It was a rough surf day, and the waves were going crazy. Thankfully there was lists of soft sand to protect my dad's delicate feet. :) 

I miss Dad. And Mom. And LL. And Florida. 

le sigh ...

For all the complaining that Pops does about Mom's shell-scavenging,
I now have photographic evidence that Pops does the same. 

So beautiful ...

The dawn catching the breaking waves.

Goodbye, beach.
See you next year!

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