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03 May 2012

Succulent Succulents

The current record highs happening here in NC (90+ degrees, people!!) inspired me to do some planting. Because I'll be traveling a little bit this summer, I always like to pant succulents because they require less water and can survive drought conditions. And, given that it's already 90+ degrees here in NC, I'm thinking we may have some drought-like conditions. 

And, of course, I can never do anything simple, so I decided to plant my succulents in a Pinterest-inspired pot. I hit up Lowes, picked out some clay pots, found myself a dowel and some dirt, chose my succulents, and went to town. I'm happy with the tower affect and hopefully they will grow well over the coming months. 

The Not-So-Leaning Tower of Succulents
I bought trailing succulents for the "tower," so hopefully they will "trail" soon.
I tried to add as much color as possible, but that's hard with succulents.
This one is a little sad, but I have faith that it will pull through. 
I like the big reddish one in the base. Pretty!

The side view ... I don't like the exposed dowel at the top.
 I need to figure out something to do with that. 
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