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02 May 2012

Crab Sauce!

Last night The Beau and I got to have dinner with a few of My Favorite Married Couple. They had been to the beach recently and brought home a TON of fresh crabs. They put them in an amazing sauce, and we totally chowed down, enjoying some nice wine and a bit of whiskey. 

I always have such a great time when hanging out MFMC. There's always a lot of laughter and storytelling and just general merriment. I'm lucky to have such awesome people in my life. Especially since they always feed me such wonderful culinary delights. 

Oh! And their beastly puppy got to meet my beastly puppy, and it went off swimmingly. Of course, Pindar was far more interested in Bailey than the reverse, but that's to be expected with The Beast. She likes to play hard to get. 


The wife of MFMC has also finally started a blog! You should check her out. She's just getting started, but she's pretty awesome. Good things are coming!
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