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23 May 2012

Playing catch-up, CNY style

I never posted any pics from the quick trip north (mainly because I never took any! Shocking, I know!), but I finally stole some pics from The Beau's camera to share. It's odd that I didn't take any photos because I normally take a bazillion photos, but it was such a quick trip and, in all honesty, I've seen it all before. But The Beau captured some cools pics that I love. 

My and my Kyra
Leah, being Leah
The Beast and Leah
The Beast and Kyra
The Beau and me at my favorite place on earth. 
Me and the nieces, chillin'.
Walking along the creek bed.
Pretty waterfalls. 
Not missing the forest for the trees. 
A typical CNY road.
It was cool to see my home through The Beau's eyes. He's never seen it before, and, while I never take my homeland for granted, I do appreciate seeing it "new" again.
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