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02 March 2013

Been busy saving the neighborhood

There's been a lot going on around here (engagements, wedding plans, visiting family ...more on all that later), but, last night,  JD and I did our part in saving the neighborhood. Not really, but last night was pretty eventful.

We were on our way home from dinner with the family, and we were pulling into our cul-de-sac when we saw a  guy running away from a house holding a backback. It made us curious, and then we saw our neighbor running after him. We turned the car around and followed them. They ran out of the neighborhood and up the street where we saw our neighbor flagging down a passing vehicle while the man continued to run away. We pulled up and she yelled that he had broken into her car and stolen her bag. We got her into the car and continued to chase the guy in my car. As soon as we got close, JD jumped out and approached the guy. He immediately dropped the bag and continued walking. I was on the phone with the 911, giving them a description and filing a crime report. We drove back to the house  (because the woman's little kids were left alone) and waited for the cops to arrive.

JD and our neighbor stayed outside, waiting for the cops to arrive, and I went inside to entertain the neighbor kids so they weren't worried about their momma. It turns out that the kids were actually the little ones who absolutely love our dogs and who always come over asking to see them. I stayed inside with them and made them sandwiches and watched TV while JD stayed outside with our neighbor, keeping her calm and helping her with the police. It turns out that the thief actually got her wallet when he got into her car, and all of her cards -- credit, license, social security cards for her kids, everything -- were in her wallet. She was obviously very upset, and my heart breaks for her. Her husband finally got home home about an hour later (he was at work), and then we felt that the situation was handled. By then it was late, and I'm sure they needed a glass of wine to relax and some cuddle time with their little kids.

It was a rather crazy evening, and it was our first real interaction with our neighbors. Interestingly, it was a crime that finally got us introduced to a few of the people on the cul-de-sac. It felt good to help out and do the right thing. Too often we look away and mind our own business. And now JD feels like superman, fighting crime and saving the neighborhood, one house at a time.

We'll also definitely be renewing our alarm subscription when it comes up for renewal. And I'm definitely glad we have three dogs to bark their heads off when something is amiss.
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