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30 March 2013

My LL came to visit!

This post is a wee-bit belated, but my MOH and best friend came to visit a few weeks ago (I know, I know. Bad blogger!) and, of course, we had a fantastic time. It was low key and relaxed, but we did manage to make a day trip to our old stompin' grounds in Greensboro. Most importantly, she got to meet JD, and, no surprise, they really hit it off. We had so much fun together  and it made me realize how much I miss her! Now JD and I have made it our mission to get her to move her ass here.

And, of course, we are horrible people and only had one photo of ourselves taken the entire week. And it was in Pottery Barn. Seriously? What kind of people are we?!

Testing out couches.
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