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10 March 2013

Spring has sprung!

The weather has (finally) improved and the sun has started shining more regularly. Happily, I've been able to get outside and start puttering around my yard. I've started my seedlings for the garden this spring, and they're making very good progress. I've planted my strawberries and a blueberry plant and a rosemary bush. I've even repotted a few of my houseplants into larger, fresher pots.

Because there is so little color around the yard (something I plan to rectify in the coming weeks), I picked up a few pots of flowers when I was at Lowe's.  They are just little bursts of color, but they brighten our front porch and our (ugly) garage.

Don't they just scream springtime?

I love the bluish-purple in this pot. 
I plan to add some pansies and other hardy but colorful plants around the trees in the front yard as well as adding lots of color in the back yard. I just hate that our house has no curb appeal right now. But I'm working to fix that!
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