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19 August 2007

A blog for Memphis who reads my blog but doesn't answer my phone calls ...


School starts tomorrow. Woo Hoo. I teach at 8am. UNS 101, section 1. I will be the very first professor that these little chippies ever have. Think of the damage that I could cause. Absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely. I think I'll give it a spin.

The Boy moved to Winston this weekend. It was sad. This is the first night I'll sleep alone in over a month. How traumatizing. He starts law school tomorrow, and we both are pretty excited. It should be good. Eventually. Right now, he is going to be poor, poor, poor. But the payoff should be nice in about three years.

On a happier note, I was Top Associate this week at AT! I earned more for the company in my 15.5 hours there than all of the other associates in the store. Go me!

I am currently watching Serpico, and I have decided that I absolutely hate facial hair. Even on a young Pacino who is, in all other respects, hot. Except on Titus Pullo. He's a hot guy from Rome (you know, the HBO series), but he only has 5 o'clock shadow. Pacino has a fucking fox growing out of his face. No me gusta that.

I made bread in my bread maker yesterday and today. Yesterday I made a honey wheat with some banana in it, and today I made a standard french loaf with just a bit of basil in it. I must say that I am pleased with the results. I'm becoming so damn domestic lately. It's kind of nauseating. Hopefully, the phase will pass.

Financial Aid came through, and I am no longer running in the red ... as much. The rent's been paid until December, all of my store cards are paid off, a large chunk of a credit card has been paid as well. I get paid again at the end of the month again, and things should continue their upswing ... god willing. And I figured out that my car is going to paid off in less than a year! Yeah for that!
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