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03 August 2007

Why don't I ever learn my lesson?

This morning found me at the emergency room. Last night, the pain was so bad in my left ear that I could barely stop crying. I was sure that my eardrum was going to rupture. I called my mom and she told me that when I was little, my eardrums ruptured "all the time." That didn't make me feel much better. Talking to her did, but hearing that did not.

Of course, the campus health clinic (aka the campus HELL clinic) told me that all of my symptoms should be gone by Friday. And, of course, they weren't. They were indeed worse. Upon The Boy's and Mom's prompting, I went to the emergency room this morning. Turns out, I have a double ear infection on top of this upper respiratory thing.


Did I learn when they misdiagnosed my eczema for a contact allergy and had me cover it in ointment which only made it worse? TWICE?

Did I learn my lesson (albeit vicariously) when a dear, dear friend was misdiagnosed with the HIV and treated callously? (wink, wink, you know who you are, lovey!)

Did I learn my lesson after hearing countless horror stories about inadequate treatment?

Clearly, I did not. I think this time it may have finally sunk in.

When I complained about my ear hurting, the stupid woman should have put me on antibiotics after she said, "You have a lot of fluid behind your eardrum." Dumb ass, where do you think an ear infection comes from? I'm not even medically trained, and I know that much! After all, I've had more than I can count, along with the irreparable damage to my ears that they have caused.

Anyway, the emergency room provided me with a proper diagnosis, antibiotics, and Percocet. And I am much happier. I will be even happier with the Percocet kicks in.

Oh wait ... it may have just done that ...
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