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01 August 2007

Mano y Mono

Thankfully, my mono test came back negative. Unfortunately, that means I am contagious with an upper respiratory infection. The doctor doubled my naproxen dosage (which I currently take for my arthritic joints) and gave my Allergra-D. I was hoping it would make me sleepy when she said, "Make sure you don't take this around bedtime. It will keep you up."

Great. Looks like I'll have a few more nights of three hours of sleep. (Yes, I am still awake from the previous 5am blog. Although, I did take a nap from 8:45am to 9:30am!)

She assured me that my plugged-up ears and other symptoms should be gone by Friday. They better be! I plan on going to Durham to drink and smoke cigars with friends. I can't be havin' this illness crap hanging over my head! (My, my how a lack of sleep makes me punchy.)

On the brighter side of this whole infection episode, I have lost three pounds since Sunday. Since I've had no appetite and food makes me want to vomit, I don't eat. The Boy did manage to force-feed me some boiled potatoes and steamed green beans. He's good that way.

In other news ...

My emulation of Brandy and her accountability day failed ... miserably. Oh well. I'm more of a random person anyway. Just ask my friends. Any way, I'll give it a shot.

Academic: I am caught up on my reading schedule. Not ahead, but certainly not behind. This is a hell of a lot better than where I was last week.

Professional: I've missed two days of work with Joey and one day of work at AT this week. Not so good for the bank account, but this should be the end of my sick days.

Personal: The Boy and I hit a few rough spots in the whole cohabitation realm, but things seem to have perked up. I'm happy. He's happy. Bailey's happy. I guess all is well. Aside from my mutant illness, of course. But even that seems to be improving.

That's were things stand as of now. But, as we all know, things could change in a moment's notice.

Peace by with you.
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