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22 October 2007

Ho hum the tedium

I figured that I'd blog before I started studying tonight. Back to the comps work. I've taken some time off (a few weeks or so ... I know, I suck), and it is time I got restarted. Bleh. No me gusta comps.

I've decided that I need to rejoin the real world. And not the lame MTV kind of real world. I need a job that pays a living wage that offers benefits. I'm going to start looking for pharmaceutical rep work (pretty familiar with that line of work) or something that doesn't require me to bring work home with me. There is no way that I can do the teaching thing while writing my diss. So, now I am on to the job hunt. We'll see how that laborious and tedious task pans out.

On all other fronts, things are good. Joey is making improvements every day (spontaneous language and appropriate responses!), and AEP stuff is going well. There are SAs in my office all day every day which is good for the program. AT kinda sucks. Business is a bit slow so there is a bit of standing around, but the new holiday clothing is coming in and it is FABULOUS.

Every day is pretty much the same. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Eat lunch. Walk the dog. Go pick up Joe. Work with Joe. Return home. Eat dinner. Study. .Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat. Not too much fun time built in. Although, The Boy is taking me to B. Christophers steak house for a real live date on Saturday. I'm pretty stoked. We haven't had a date in a long time, and this place is supposed to Ah-Mazing. Best rated steak house in the Triad. Yeah for date night!

The family arrives on Halloween. That will be mucho funno. I love my damn nieces. They are friggin' adorable. My mom and sister aren't all that bad either.

And there you have it, folks. Good times in the 'boro.
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