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29 October 2007

A blogy kind of day

Should there be two "g"s in "blogy?" Perhaps an "-ie" ending? Oh well.

This is my third blog of the day. I'm so damn bipolar. I go for weeks on end without posting, and then I post a million times in a matter of hours. I need to work on leveling out, clearly.

I've been having some serious comps anxiety. You know, the whole "I'm-not-prepared-and-I-probably-never-will-be-and-I'm-not-good-enough" crap. I am done with my 19th century list (no big deal there), and I started on my 20th and special topics. I am, oh, about three weeks behind in my reading. Then I get an email from one of my committee members saying that he wants to make sure that I have a "solid social and contextual understanding of the period." I barely understand the poems, let alone all that other bullshit! I responded that I "don't know how to think 20th century." I don't think he was amused. But it is true!

Working three jobs (totaling about 40+ hours per week) and taking a class leaves me very little time to study. No. I take that back. If I cut down on my sleeping from my normal 11pm-6am to midnight-5am, I could squeeze in a few more hours. Trouble is, by the time I get home from my second job each evening, the very last thing I have energy to do is study! I just want to veg out, watch a movie, eat dinner, and read something that requires no brain cells.

I explained my current situation to the committee and expressed a potential desire to postpone. Surprisingly, KK completely supported the decision. In fact, she told me that if I hadn't suggested it, she would have. That made me feel sooooo much better. Of course, this may put me a semester behind in finishing, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make at this point. If I take these god forsaken things in October (one year from now), I will have nine months to read two lists and review a third. That is far more doable. In fact, I almost feel rejuvenated and excited about it! Almost.

On an unrelated note, I am taking my first RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) class tomorrow night. In other words, I may be becoming Catholic. Not sure yet. We'll see how it goes. For those of you who know me, this is completely out of left field. I am a self-professed pagan. Not really, but religion has always been veeeeeeeery far from my daily life. I know that this bothers The Boy (a rather devout Catholic in the buffet sense - I love you, Melissa!) because he worries about the state of my soul. Happily, he doesn't pressure me to convert or talk about religion or any of those obnoxious behavior. It is rather cute how every Sunday (or Saturday afternoon) he invites me to Mass. Nine times out of ten, I refuse and chill out at home while he goes to get some Jesus.

A few weeks ago, The Boy and I attended a lecture and guest sermon by Bishop William Curlin, the retired bishop from Charlotte. Turns out, he was Mother Teresa's spiritual advisor as well a mentor to a former pope. I invited The Boy because I knew how much he would enjoy to (the Bishop is a close personal friend of my boss, and she invited me to the service.). During the sermon and lecture, I found myself close to tears. This is the only time I have ever even been close to tears as a result of God. I figured it was a sign of some sort. Leaving my UCC/Methodist roots behind, I figured that I'd give this religion thing another go. I've been attending Mass regularly (and even without the invite from The Boy!), and enrolled in RCIA last week. The class is every Tuesday night from 7-9. It will get me to Winston just in time for nip/tuck. (I like the juxtaposition of those two concepts: church/god and nip/tuck.)

Hmmmm ... not much more to say now. I think three blogs has got me spent!

Count on some pics and update later in the week. Mom, Sister and Adorable Niece #1 and #2 are arriving on Wednesday afternoon. We have an action-packed weekend in store. The Zoo, the Natural Science Center, the Children's Museum ... I am pretty stoked.

Keep it real, ya'll.
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