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17 October 2007

A snarky blog for Kia

Well, perhaps not snarky, but I was reprimanded for my previous happy blog, so I will try to be more bitter and true to form. (Who does she think she is? My mother? Well, at least she is someone's mother!)

I'm feeling a wee bit depressed today. It could be the seven gallons of pop that I have consumed in the last two days (all that sugar was bound to run out sometime) or simply the shift in weather. North Carolina has finally decided t0 allow autumn to enter her borders. Even if it is just for a temporary visit. While I finally get to wear all my adorable AT clothes - sweater and skirts and boots, oh my! - I miss the sweltering heat. And I miss the leaves changing color and setting the hillsides on fire. There are no hillsides here, damnit! I went back to NY a few weeks ago, but it was actually too early in the season to see the festivity of fall. Now I'm sad because I want to see it.

Why the hell does autumn make me depressed? It's my friggin' favorite season, damnit! Ma que fa!?! I need to get out of this damn rut. And all those bottles of wine under the bar aren't helping. I feel like a drunk when I drink alone! We wouldn't want that now, would we? I don't think so.

On a happy note, I said the following things in class this morning: Bitch (2), shit (3), and damn (5). We were talking about advising and registration. 'Nuf said.

Damn. This blog sucks. Sorry for that, peeps.

I feel as though I have let you down, Kia. Lo siento.
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