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25 October 2007

Well on their way ...

The Dirt Dogs won last night.

And, when I say won, I mean MASSACRED the Rockies. It was a fabulous start to the series.

I watched with The Boy at his hovel in Winston. I was sporting my new "Vote for Pedro-ia" t-shirt, which seemed to be rather good luck because the first Red Sox at bat was Pedroia himself and he knocked out a home run!

The runs kept coming. A final score of 13-1. Three of those runs were WALKED in during on inning. It was just great. I kinda felt sorry for the Rockies. But then I got over it. It would be so great to see the BoSox win another series. They have such a great field of talent. They truly deserve it. And it would make the Yankee fans feel even worse about being SWEPT out of the playoffs ... those Yankees and their big mouths (I should know. I have one too!).

I may need to hit a bar tonight to watch the game. I probably should keep reading for the comps (surprisingly, My Antonia doesn't suck as much as I had thought it would), so i may just "watch" the game online. We'll see how strongly the academic guilt kicks in.

Despite the rain, all in all, it's been a good one.
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