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05 October 2007

A weekend of merriment!

I'm home again!!

I returned yesterday afternoon around 2. I made the drive in just 9 hours with only one stop. The Boy arrived here shortly after to help me unload the mountains of booze and baggage that I brought back. He so sweet!

I had to go to class last night (ugh!), but, I picked up Thai food on the way home and had dinner and wine with The Boy. It was nice to be home and relaxing on my own couch. And sleeping in my own bed--one that is not a tiny single bed, but a queen with awesome sheets!--is invaluable. I could barely get out of bed this morning. But, the responsible woman in me did.

I went in to the office this morning and caught up on all of my work for the last week. It was great! I had quite a few student-athletes come in to say hello and talk. It was so sweet!

Today starts an entire weekend of merry-making.

Tonight I am going out with LL to do some Girls' Night preparatory shopping. Then I drive to Winston to stay with The Boy and watch baseball.

Saturday involves working at AT (not so fantastic), but then an evening filled with my favourite knocked-up Texan! The chickies are coming over for some girls' only fun (I've banished The Boy to the bedroom or a bar for the evening).

Sunday is a trip to Durham for baseball and football and then a return to the 'boro for another night with Kiki. It will be a co-ed party with a lot of my PhD pallies that I haven't hung with in forever. Should be fun!

Monday marks the return to normalcy. Teaching and office and working with Joe ...
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