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10 December 2007

And froggies make five

We have new additions to the family. Again. Burke the Betta joined the clan a few weeks ago. Today, on an well-founded impulse, I added an aquatic snail and a set of aquatic frogs. :D

The snail is gold and rooms with Burke. I think I will call her (because I decided she was a her - aren't snails asexual and change sex based on mate availability?) something ingenious like "Slider" or "Slippery" or "Slimey." Probably not "Slimey," but I can't think of anything alliterative that goes with "snail" and doesn't sound dorky.

She is the yellowy-gold spot in the top of Burke's bowl. She was trying to escape. Isn't Burke pretty? I thought her yellow would compliment Burke well! I think Burke likes her. He keeps swimming over to check her out, and I have caught him with his nose up against her shell. Imagine what their babies would look like!? :PCan you see the lights that he fights with? It is hysterical!
And, yes, you heard (or read) right. Two little underwater froggies have also joined the clan. This pictures are a little hard to make out, but you can see them at the bottom by the gravel.

They are spazzy little things! Any time I touch the glass or they sense movement, they start swimming up and down in the bowl in complete and total panic. I hope they chill out. Appropriately, I believe I will call them "Tweedle-dee" and "Tweedle-dum." I was trying hard to think of some clever anti-French nicknames (Get it? They are frogs. Frogs.) but cleverness escapes me at this moment. They are kinda fun to watch though! You should see them chase their food (fish-food flakes). They run it down as it sinks to the bottom of the bowl. HYSTERICAL! Right now, they are about the size of a nickel. When and if they grow, they will reach the size of a fifty-cent piece. Not too sure how I feel about that. We'll see if they make it that long.

I keep this pet-shit up, and I'll end up with a house full. As if The Beast wasn't a house full on her own!

You should all come over and meet my new family. They are rather friendly!

Yeah for pets that don't need walking or bathing or training or vet visits.

But, I guess The Beast isn't all that bad. She did almost eat a praying mantis today. (I'll tell you more about my pathological fear of them later.)
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