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04 December 2007

Burke is crazy

My new beta is insane. Perhaps I made him that way, but no matter.

I have some blue and white teardrop Christmas lights laced around the top of the entertainment center. It just so happens that the lights wrap around Burke's bowl. One of the blue lights is right up against the glass. When I first turn on the lights at night, he comes over to where the blue light is and he flares his gills and gets all aggressive. He "paces" back and forth (as much as a fish can pace) and challenges the bulb to a fight. He does this for about five minutes until he calms down. Each and every night he does this. Hysterical! Cheap entertainment for the poor grad student.

Hey MealyMel - I said my first rosary tonight at RCIA. Now I actually understand your comment on novenas!
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