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12 December 2007

Cheap tickets to Florida!

My parents are going to Florida for two weeks in April, and I get to visit for four days!! I am flying down on the SkyBus (my new favorite thing ever!), and it only cost me $91.80!!! I'm pretty stoked. I'll be with them at the beach from the 17th through the 20th. After considering flight times, I'll be spending about three and a half solid days with the 'rents. It should be fun. I'm pretty stoked. I haven't been to Florida since my honeymoon in 2001. That's pretty funny.


I gave the Best Employers Ever their Christmas gift. It was a calendar made up of photos I took of their children. I wanted to give it to them when they were together and all the kids were there (being lawyers it is often rare to see them together in the evening when I leave), and tonight I hung around for a little bit to wait for the Defense Attorney to get home. When they opened it, they were completely thrilled. I know that they are often way too busy to worry about taking pictures of their kids, and I know that they are completely focused on their kids. I knew that this calendar would be a great gift for them. They were completely surprised and were very happy. They gave me big hugs and were super appreciative. It felt nice to make them so happy. I sent Mrs. ADA the link for the rest of the photos so she can order any other prints that she wants.


I'm currently watching ScarJo in The Nanny Diaries. Laura Linney plays a wonderful bitch. I kinda feel bad for her. Trapped in a loveless marriage with the mothering-instinct of a praying mantis. I feel bad for people like her. More money that she knows what to do with but completely unhappy and alone. A husband that philanders around the city and the aire of being happy and content in that marriage.

Man, you couldn't pay me enough to be a nanny. No way in hell.
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