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02 December 2007

Bailey's Biological Clock

The Beast gets breakfast between 6-8am every day. She used to get dinner at 4pm every day until I started grad school. Now she gets fed anywhere between 4 and 8pm.

Every single day when it gets to be 3:45pm, she goes over the the front entryway (her food is kept in the closet there). She stands there and looks at me until I feed her. I am firm in my convictions and never feed her before 4pm. I always assumed that she knew it was dinner time because enough time had elapsed from her breakfast. We all know that her moments are measured in food.

So, today, The Boy and I go to mass. We don't feed her until we get home, which was around noon. She was cool with that. I assumed she wouldn't want to eat her dinner until at least 8pm.

Yeah. Fat chance. 3:45 rolled around and there she was, standing in front of the door, waiting for her dinner.

My questions is How the hell does this dog know what time it is? How is she so damn precise at nailing 3:45/4:00 each and every day? It doesn't matter if we are on daylight savings time or not, the matter of outside light or dark is irrelevant. I know the dumb dog can't tell time, so I am clueless on this.

Well, I need to go because The Beast is currently standing at the door, waiting for her dinner. It is 5:15 and I've made her wait FOR-EVER!

Later, skater.
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