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22 December 2008

Baby Dreams

It's finally happened. I was quite content that it hadn't happened yet, but on Friday night, I had it. A Baby Dream. (Queue screaming sound effects.) Yes, my friends, it can even happen to you. But I don't think it was a traditional Baby Dream because I was rather resentful and bitter.

Picture this ... Sicily ... 1917 ... (Sorry! I had to!! Golden girls homage!)

Anyway, in the BD, I was living alone but next door to my mom. Some friends of ours had had a baby, but, sadly, the mother was no longer in the picture. I'm not sure if she died or left or what, but she was gone. The father was trying to take care of this child, but he was failing miserably. He left it (it was a baby boy ... I think Daniel?) for long periods alone and didn't feed it regularly. (This is actually remarkably similar to a situation that The Boy and I were involved with regarding a dog that we cared for while a friend's husband was in the hospital. Anyway ...)My mom comes to me and tells me that the poor child is suffering and needs a stable home. She says that "since I've got nothing better to do" (!!!!), I should care for the child. This pist me off. Not because I actually had better things to do but because I didn't want to take care of the brat! Of course, Mom guilted me into it, and I took the baby into my home. I bought it all kinds of toys and clothes and diapers (I remember buying A TON of diapers!!! Damn!!!!) and furniture, and it lived with me for a few months. I actually started liking it. I looked forward to rushing home from work and spending time with it (although I don't know what I did with it while I was at work ... ). I even stopped calling it "It." 

Anyway, after a few months, the father's degenerate family comes into the picture and takes the baby back. I got really upset about it. They were really rude and abrupt. It frustrated me. I was sad to see the baby go, but I think I was more sad that I had all this baby crap scattered around my house (that I had spent a lot of money on!) gathering dust. 

So, there you have it. My first, and hopefully only, BD. 

I would really hate to have this thing analyzed. I think it would reveal scary elements of my psyche!!
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