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01 December 2008

A chill is in the air

My apartment tends to remain a bit chilly in this cold weather. Not the whole apartment. Just the living room. The upstairs gets downright hot and the kitchen and bar and dining room all stay warm as well. But the living room stays blanket-worthy. When I'm home, it's no big deal. I turn on the space heater and nudge the thermostat up and hang out. If I have work to do, I simply do it in the office where a t-shirt and shorts is appropriate dress. When I leave, I bump the heat WAY down and this causes B to be a wee-bit unhappy. She's got no body fat to keep herself warm and she refuses to bed down under all of the blankets that I leave her. I normally secure the upstairs so she cannot get up there (because we all know how "investigative" she is). Because of the cold living room, I've started sealing off my bedroom and leaving the office upstairs open for her. I put her bed right next to the heating vent so even when I turn down the heat, she stays toasty. B is a BIG fan of this new arrangement. She prefers the upstairs anyway, so she's pretty happy about this.

I left the house this morning and peddled my ass to school. I left the office open for B, turned down the heat, and headed out. I returned three hours later and opened up the backdoor of the house. Normally, B is waiting for me at the door, eager to go out.  B was no where to be found. I hauled the bike in, took off my helmet and balaclava and gloves and coat. Still no B. I shut the door loudly. Finally I hear B wobble to her feet and clamber down the stairs. She was sleepy and groggy. She had NO IDEA I had gotten home because she was in a complete coma! It was very funny!
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