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11 December 2008

Self-imposed ice cream restriction

Sadly, my love affair with ice cream has come to an end. Well, not so much an end but more like a curtail. Does that make sense? Probably not. Let me explain.

The Boy has been doing some research for his European Union Law course in school. He and I have already started being more cautious and concerned over the food we put in our bodies. Over the past year or so, we've consistently been buying organic produce, organic meats, organic dairy, and organic groceries in general (when possible) because it is better for you. There are far fewer pesticides, the treatment of the animal is far better, and the general health benefits make a strong case for organic foods. The Boy's paper was about the mad-cow disease. His research for that paper and a previous assignment led him to investigating the use of rBGH in cows. If you don't know, rBGH is used to prolong the milk cells in a cow's udder therefore increasing it's productivity. rGBH is a synthetic form of BST, a naturally occurring hormone in cows. However the EU has banned the use of rBGH in dairy because there is a strong correlation between the presence of rBGH and prostate and breast cancers. While the correlation isn't cause and effect, it is strong enough to make one pause. 

As a result of his project, we've investigated our food choices even more closely. We've always known that Ben and Jerry's refuses to knowingly use rBGH enhanced milk and makes their dairy providers vow to not use the hormone. This is a good thing because we LOVE Ben and Jerry's! Sadly, Haagen Daz and Breyers do not make such a promise. This makes a sad Marybeth. I love ice cream!!!!!!!!!!! But I kinda love my boobies more. So I guess it's a trade off.  We've already decided to consume only organic cheeses or cheese made within the EU because it is rBGH free because of their laws.  Man, I love me some ice cream. Oh well. Ben and Jerry's has a bazillion awesome flavors, and there is one right next to my job at AT! Yeah!

Well, on the good side, the decreased ice cream consumption may help to decrease my waistline!

Oh! and this picture just makes me laugh!

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