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11 December 2008

I sing you to me

Jo and I just returned from watching Australia. It was really well done. I can completely see the comparison to Gone With the Wind. Very romantic and "building of a nation-esque." While I appreciate the beauty of Hugh, he doesn't make me swoon as he does some people (Queen of the West Bank!). He did a great job in the film, as did Kidman.

A reoccurring theme in the movie is the importance of our stories because they make us who we are and leave our legacy behind. The film explores the aboriginal value of song and singing our stories rather than just passing them down. Little Nullah tells Lady Ashley twice that he will "sing you to me." As they separated because of societal forces, Nullah reminded Lady Ashley (his "adoptive"mother) that no matter how far apart they are, he will lead her to him through his song. Lady Ashley replied that she "would always hear." It's a very romantic and grand notion. Those we are deeply connected to will always be able to find us because of the song that we share. It made me tear up. 

I give it two thumbs up. Go see it, people!
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