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02 December 2008

Just call me "Prof"

So, yeah, Elon offered me a full-time teaching position for the spring. It's only a one semester and three course appointment, but they have a really high retention and renewal rate so that is great! I'll be teaching college writing (which I have A LOT of experience with), and the compensation is OUTSTANDING.  Far more than I ever expected. Seriously. It's goodbye to the Athletic Department! I meet with my boss's boss tomorrow to discuss my options (either he guarantees me my boss's full-time-with-benefits-job in writing or I say "adios!"). The Grad School has already told me that I can resign from my assistantship at any point so I'm not contractually bound there. So, tomorrow determines what I say to Elon. Of course, the compensation really does make my decision easy. 

I really am so thankful for this break. It's been a rough few months, and I was starting to get pretty down. Yeah for a reversal of fortune!
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