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02 March 2009

Bailey's first NC Snow Day!

As a Northerner, B has had her fair share of snow encounters of the cold kind. But, being a skinny delicate little things, she would be happy to never see snow again. Or so I thought. After our 5 inches last night, I took her to the park across the street to play. She had a blast!!! She hasn't seen real snow (more than a dusting) since Christmas '07 in New England. Her friskiness and true nature certainly came out! She was catching and chasing snow balls, digging for sticks beneath the snow, and acting like a puppy again. And now she's passed out on her bed.

The pretty tree limbs.

Sticks are more fun than snow.

The pretty park.

The snow mustache is better than a milk mustache.

Do you see what her ear is doing here? I love the spaziness of this dog. Seriously. 

On the hunt for something ... pretty sure it was a stick.

Winter makes for some beautiful trees. 

The beautiful snow almost makes me miss winters in the Northeast. But then I remember that the snow in the Northeast is mingled with ice and no sun for months at a time, and I come back to my senses.
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