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20 March 2009

I love my people

Yesterday I finished and passed my exam. I'll be honest. I pretty much kicked ass. Seriously. I was on FIRE. I know my stuff and talked about it like a pro. I was actually impressed with myself. It felt good to do so well. Bot the Barracuda and KK were impressed with me ... or at least they said so. Afterwards, MealyMel met me to congratulate me. It was pretty sweet. KK laughed because she was "stalking" outside the room. But she knew I was in there, and she rocks!

Immediately after I left campus, I picked up Jo and we went to get some amazing and long overdue pedicures. It felt amazing. We laughed and chatted and Jo broke a wine glass. It was kinda surreal and anti-climactic. But, the whole ordeal was over.

After pedis, we came home and had another drink on the patio before it rained. Boo for rain, but YEAH for drinks!!! The Boy met us at my house around 5 and we went to Saffron's for a celebratory dinner. Oh my gosh, it was sooooooo yummy! I was torn between Indian and Mexican, but I know that I'll be getting some kick-ass Tex-Mex when I get out to Texas in THREE DAYS. The Indian was amazing. We all shared a bottle of wine and some super tasty nan. It's the pashawari nan and its got cherries and coconut and it tastes SOOOOOOO yummy. 

Once our bellies were filled, we all came home and changed to get ready to go to the "club." We had a few drinks there while critiquing the dancers, but it was pretty lackluster. We left early and were in bed by 10. I didn't realize how tired and worn out I was until I had a few drinks in me. then I passed out into a coma.

And, of course, B had to reward all of my hard work and stress with her own little present this morning. What was her present you ask? Bloody vomiting for 45 minutes at 5:30am which prompted a quick visit to the emergency vet. Really B? After $200, the vet sent her home with some medicine and fluids and told me to keep an eye on her. They wanted to run the gamut of blood tests and whatnot, but, given B's propensity for a sensitive stomach, I said "no" and that I would watch her symptoms. If she wasn't better by tomorrow, I'd take her to her real vet. She's feeling better already, just a little pist that I didn't give her breakfast yet.

So now, while B recovers for the vomiting, I am going to clean this house. The last few weeks/months have prevented me from giving the house a really good scrubbing. So, today's the day. Plus, if I clean it really good today, it'll be spick and span span when I get home from TEXAS!

Did I mention that I leave for TEXAS in a few days??!!?

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