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30 March 2009

Houston: A Photo Blog

Houston was a blast. I fell in love (with Sawyer). And laughed more in the course of five days than I have in the last three months combined! It could even be six months. I had such an amazing time with Kirsten. I forgot how much I love that chick. And how easy our friendship is. Nothing is forced and awkward. We laughed and laughed and had such a great time. Happily, Sawyer took to me rather quickly, allowing me to actually hold him by the start of Day 2. By the end of my visit, he was reaching for me and laughing with me. Well, he was probably laughing at me, but whatever. We spent the entire week laughing at Sawyer and his amazing little personality and just hanging out. By the time the week was over, I realized that 95% of my pictures were of Sawyer. Which I think is awesome.

Here is SoyBeans (that's my name for my boy) with a clearly furrowed brow. He does that face a lot.
Turns out the kid likes to play in the closet. Clearly.

Clearly this the cutest little face ever.

Baby alligators at the Nature Center at Brazos Bend. They were safely in an aquarium where they couldn't chase me. Clearly a good idea.

Clearly, Sawyer is a big fan of taxidermy. Who knew?

This big guy clearly wanted to make me his lunch.

We were clearly too close to this guy. Which was scary.
This is the guy that tried to attack me. He chased me and I bolted like a little girl. Kirsten will tell you that he wasn't chasing me, but he was.  Clearly she is crazy. He wanted me to be lunch. I almost died.

Sawyer and me as twins. Quite stylish. Clearly.

So, in an attempt to save money on frivolous items, Kirsten has turned one of Sawyer's socks into a driving glove. She's crazy that way. Clearly.

Sawyer gazing out longingly at the sand. He couldn't wait to dive in! The beach at Galveston was humid as all can be and threatened rain all day. We still had an AWESOME time (in spite of the dead body in the beach. Which was very sad.)

You've got to look at this one close up. See the long string of drool coming out of Sawyer's mouth and hitting the sand? AWESOME!!

Beautiful Mama and Handsome Boy.

Proof of a recession: Flowers in vases are placed in a mixture of carrots and water. Preservation chemicals are clearly too expensive. Sawyer was just as fascinated as I was.

This is the Baptodome (as Kirsten affectionately calls it). What kind of church has their own work out facilities? Seriously?

Straps are clearly the most tasty thing ever.

Tex is clearly apathetic over it all. I was so happy he remembered me!!

So, this is a statue of the Holy Family riding around in the back of a pick-up on a MAJOR highway in Houston. I'm clearly confused. 

So, long story short, I had an awesome time. It really recharged my batteries, but I didn't want to leave!! I could stay there forever. Or at least for a long time. Now The Boy is going to look for job opportunities in Dallas and Houston!!! Yeah!!!!
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