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15 March 2009

Four days out ...

Exam part deux is in three and a half days. I'm not excited. Happily, I made it through the weekend without vomiting. So, go me. I studied with the help of The Boy, and I feel no more confident about this damn thing. My only rationale of this whole situation is that I most likely won't fail twice, right? And, if I do, there will be seriously hell to pay. I've kept my mouth shut about the whole "violation of a contract" thing, but, if they even mention the word "fail," I'm heading directly to the DGS' office and then to the Grad School to complain. I'm not being a whiner, but this whole situation is honestly bullshit. I need to get through Thursday and then I'm taking a two week hiatus from thinking.

The two things I AM looking forward to this week: 1.) Getting O-BLIT-ERATED on Thursday night with Jo and friends. 2.) Packing and getting ready to jet off to TEXAS!!!! I cannot wait until I am in Texas with Kik and Saw and Rob and doing nothing but relaxing and having fun for a week!!! Am I there yet?

You may not hear much from me between now and Thursday. If you don't hear from me by Saturday, worry.
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