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27 April 2009

Florida 2009

I'm back from Florida. It was wonderful as usual. We shopped, walked the beach, took out a boat and explored the channels, and just relaxed. It was fantastic.

I love the sandpipers. They are so cute running in and out of the waves!

Pretty shells littered the beach.

The beach view from the condo.

My parents walking in the surf at sunset. It's blurry, but they are so cute! I'm lucky to have parents who love each other so much!

The morning tide with more sandpipers.

I love sandpipers!

On our boat tour, we saw dolphins and manatees and loggerhead turtles. This pic shows a manatee just below the surface. Can you see it?

A dolphin cresting. The white thing at the bottom of the frame is First Mate Pup-Pup, the dog that the captain took on all of the tours. He was sooooooo adorable. He honestly could sense where the dolphins would emerge out of the water. He'd start barking like crazy and in a few seconds, a dolphin would appear. Pretty amazing.

Another shot of Pup-Pup with his ears blowing in the wind.

LL made good friends with Pup-Pup. They hit it off.

This last picture isn't one that I took because it happened too fast, but it is what I saw. I was sitting on the bow of the boat and looked over my shoulder and saw a stingray LEAP out of the water and hover about six feet above the waves. It was a split second, but it was amazing. No one else saw it because no one was looking in the correct direction. It was awesome. And then, when I returned home, I discovered that like five people have died from stingrays leaping into boats. Thankfully, I was okay. 
And now I'm back to reality. Boo!!!
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