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25 January 2012

Set backs and frustrations

I've run into a snag with my run training. (Pun intended)

Last Wednesday, I tweaked my knee. When I tried to run through it on Thursday (dumb move), it got worse. I was halfway into my run, and it felt like I had been shot in the knee cap. And, of course, being halfway into the run meant walking the rest of the way home. Which only confirmed how badly my knee hurt. And now it's hurt consistently every day since. Not an unbearable pain, but an annoying pain that seems to be lingering longer than it should. Because it's not 100% yet, I haven't run on it since.

And, if I hadn't been dealing with a banged up knee, I've been dealing with a messed up stomach. The stomach flu has been circulating school like wildfire. I've got a touch of it, and started feeling like crud last Friday. I never got the full blown sickness, but I've had zero appetite for about five days now. For anyone who knows me at all, you know I LOVE food. I've always had a healthy appetite, probably too healthy which is why I need to exercise to keep a consistent weight. But, for the past five days, I've consumed about 500 calories a day. And I've had to force myself to eat that much. Food just looks completely uninviting. And that makes me sad.

Yesterday I started to feel a little better in the afternoon, and I made myself a nice healthy smoothie with spinach and yogurt and fruit and some protein powder. I followed it an hour later with a piece of bread. And then I realized that I wasn't feeling it. I didn't get sick, but I didn't feel so hot. I'm definitely staying hydrated with lots of water and tea, but I'm feeling the effects of my newly decreased diet. I'm tired all the time, and I've lost about 5 pounds since Thursday. No real nutrition = no energy = no working out. I haven't had any exercise since last Thursday, and I'm getting jittery and anxious as a result. I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow morning (my first in over three years. Yeah, I know that's bad.), and they'll be taking blood work. Maybe they'll see something to explain this. Or maybe it is just the adult strain of the stomach bug.

I'm going out to eat tonight (my favorite ... Mexican!), and I'm hoping I'll be inspired to eat something. Maybe I'll get my appetite back over margaritas.

I just want to eat!!
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