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15 January 2012

The value of water

My 5k training has been going swimmingly except for one little hiccup in the plan.

Staying hydrated.

I know water is essential for your body, especially so when working out. Even Shannon warned me about it when I started this whole thing. I try to drink as much as possible, but I sometimes forget to keep my water bottle filled and close at hand. Thursday I experienced what happens without water first hand.

I had my morning tea on Thursday but never really drank again all day. When I went to Zumba that night, my muscles started to cramp up just a little. I left class halfway through and decided to get my run in. Ten minutes into my run, my legs cramped so bad I could barely walk. It wasn't goof. And I was pist and felt like an idiot because it was both 100% preventable and 100% my fault.

So I learned my lesson. Water, water, water. Ever since Thursday, I have been drinking water like no one's business! When I ran yesterday with girlfriends, I was fully hydrated and feeling good. And I had no cramping at all.

Lesson learned.
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