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17 January 2012

The wait

I spent Saturday with old friends in the 'boro. My girlfriend May* from Ithaca-by-way-of-the-'boro-by-way-of-NY came down for the weekend to celebrate her recent spontaneous nuptials. I made the drive over to the 'boro on a beautiful afternoon and it was totally worth it. I didn't get to see all the people I wanted to, but I got to spend some amazing QT with May and Jack.

May and I are a funny story. We actually grew up in the very same town just a few years apart. She attended high school with some of my older cousins (and possibly my brother?), and, since I transferred to a different high school in the 10th grade, we never knew each other. When I moved to Greensboro and started RCIA, May was in class. We both liked the Red Sox and loved Ithaca, so we became fast and instant friends.

During our friendship, May had a long run of bad luck. She just couldn't seem to catch a break. She has the most genuine heart and loving spirit, but it truly seemed that the world was conspiring against her. Nothing ever seemed to be easy for her or to go her way. She eventually migrated to NYC to see if things would be better there. I missed her, but things just weren't happening for her in the 'boro.

After she moved, things were still rough but they also got better. Most significantly, she met Jack. From the moment she met him, her Facebook posts and general outlook seemed to improve. This man brought something into her life that she had been missing: a cheerleader, a caring companion, a strong supporter to help her through the hard times. Even though I only met him this past weekend, I knew I already loved him. He gave her something that she so richly deserved and needed, and he gave it freely and lovingly. And that, my friends, earns major points in my book. Of course, hard times still happen for May and Jack, but she's not longer facing it alone. And that alone makes it easier.

And, most importantly, she's happy.

Happier than I've ever seen her. And it's a wonderful feeling to see someone you care so much about find "it."

I sometimes get beaten down by life and wonder what the hell it's all for. So many people have to struggle so hard to get such meager rewards. The inequity that I observe daily can be so frustrating and disheartening. I'm blessed enough to not have to face such hard things on a regular basis, but my heart bleeds for those who do. And I'm amazed that people can continue on through all the struggle and heartbreak. But May and Jack reminded me that the old cliche is indeed true: Good things come do to those who wait. And May waited a long time. And her reward is all the more rich because of her wait.

It melts my heart to see her happy and fulfilled. Even the hard times now don't seem so hard for her. She has someone in her corner. And I couldn't be happier for her.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent. ;-)
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