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19 January 2013

I'm the mother of a teenager

I love my kids. All three of them. Even in their chaotic, furballs everywhere, barking and chasing glory. I love them. Each has a unique personality that regularly makes me laugh and makes me frustrated. I love coming home to three eager faces that love me and can't get enough of me. They cuddle me when I'm cold or lonely or sad or just in need of a hug. They really do make my life better in every way.  Except one.

When they get their period.

Sunny, our puppy, is a sweet but goofy puppy. She's pretty much adorable in every way. She's awkward and gangly and completely silly. Which is normally quite endearing.

Looking skyward for birds. 
Until she became a "woman" 12 days ago.  And now she is forced to wear a diaper (yes, they make these for dogs for this precise reason). The internet says that this is only supposed to last 4 days. But could last as long as 20. Twenty days!!! This is just miserable. For all parties involved.
How pathetic is this?
When she's not wearing her diaper, she's confined to her kennel. Until her period is over, this is our only option. Her crate confinement has revealed that she has some rather interesting sleeping styles. Like the one below ...

Yeah, she's lucky she's so adorable. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to give her away to the lowest bidder. 
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