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22 August 2008

Busy Blog Day!

Wow. This is like my third or fourth post of the day! See what happens when I get a whole day off to do nothing but putz around?

Anyway, The Boy sufficiently apologized last night for his former indiscretions with a fabulous dinner at Table 16 which included THREE desserts! You know that's how we roll. I'm glad he made up with me, so I could be happy for him and all of his recent job-related good news. He's had three job fairs -- one in Atlanta, one in Richmond, and one in DC -- and he's had FOUR callbacks for interviews! Three are really big firms (including one in BOSTON!) and one is a smaller firm. He's pretty stoked about this as am I. We've already talked about the fact that if he gets a great job next summer making 3k a week (yeah, you read correctly. THREE THOUSAND A WEEK!!!!!), Bailey and I will be moving in with him for the summer. We'll pay the rent on the apartment (or perhaps sublet it to someone) and just chill for the summer. Of course, I'll get bored and end up transferring to an AT in the Boston area for the summer. I'm really happy how things are working out for him. God is certainly smiling down on him.
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