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20 August 2008

No vaca for me

The Boy decided yesterday that he couldn't wait for me to get out of work to go to DC for the weekend. Yeah. He made that decision without consulting me. Clearly, I'm a bit pist. I was really looking forward to tooling around the city and hanging with Kia (I'm so sorry I suck. Or, more accurately, my boyfriend sucks.) and enjoying a quiet weekend with the man I sometimes love. He's coming back tomorrow night rather than on Sunday and is convinced that we can have a "romantic" weekend here in the 'boro. Um. No. We spend EVERY weekend in the 'boro. I'm bored with that. It's not romantic when you have to cook your own meals, wash your own dishes, pour your own wine, and make your own beds. Call me crazy (or just plain spoiled), but it is what it is.

I'm still really pist that I don't get to see Kia. Damn stupid boyfriends!
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