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24 August 2008

Last Day of Freedom!

Today is the last day of the summer. Le Sigh. How sad. Of course, I mourned the passing of summer in appropriate style. I took the day off (for the most part) and chilled. I woke up at 9am (after a very rough night of sleep ... I woke up like twelve times and couldn't fall back asleep ... ugh, I hate nights like that) and lounged around the house until about 11am. I went to Target and stocked up on a few gym and office necessities (and I got to see the Queen of the West Bank doing some indulgent shopping of her own ... don't you just love financial aid checks?!?!). After I hit the Target, I went to the office to drop off my meals/snacks/water for the week and then to the gym to set up my locker for the semester. LL and I had lunch at this really crappy Mexican place up the street (note: Don't eat at Tequila Joes. It's rather scary), and I came home and took a two hour nap. However, I did do some work, reading a bit of material for my 19th century list! Yeah me!

Now I'm heading to 7pm mass and then will be going to bed early to prepare for tomorrow. I need to be up at 5am to be at the gym by 6. Ugh. Just the sound of that kills me. But I can do it!
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