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07 September 2009

Here's what happens when you fall down the stairs and bust your ass ...

I fell down the stairs about five minutes before I left Mom and Dad's house for Rae and Marty's wedding. It looked REALLY bad last night right when it happened, but the bruising and abrasions have faded considerably since last night. My lower legs still hurt like an S.O.B. (and my thighs are KILLING me from all the dancing last night!), but, happily, the "mobster-took-a-billy-club-to-my-kneecaps-to-reconcile-a-debt" look is fading!

Let's count the bruises ... one on the right knee cap, one right below the left knee, one on my right mid-shin, one on my left ankle, and one on the top of my right foot. That would be 5.

(And yes, that is a cocktail next to my left ankle. It helps to ease the pain!)

When I do it, I do it well!

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