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07 September 2009

A Toast to the new bride and groom.

Marty and Rae got married this weekend. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception rocked.

Some pics to share ...

The new Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather!

A beautiful ceremony by the lake shore.

Will did an AMAZING job officiating the wedding. What he wrote brought tears to all of our eyes and was SOOOOOO perfect for the couple.

The men, waiting anxiously.

The beautiful bride walking down the "aisle."

A beautiful place to get married.

Damn, I love my home!

A stately setting.

The weather was amazing (which was a TOTAL blessing considering it was Upstate NY in September!), and the ceremony was perfect for who Marty and Rae are as people. And then all the dancing at the reception. My legs STILL hurt from all that groovin'!

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