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20 September 2009

Life Update

Life is chugging along as usual, full of ups and downs. Let's look at the list:

I'll be in SPAIN!!!! in 54 days! (A big part of this UP is that the school is paying!)
I pretty much LOVE my job.
I've finished all of my mid-trimester grades and comments (due tomorrow at 8am).
My passport has been accepted, and I'm not waiting for it to arrive.

My leg still looks like hell. The clot hasn't healed.
I've been highly emotional lately, overwhelmed with stuff to do.
I haven't written my Spain paper yet. It's due October 1.
While I love my job, it is taking a toll on my life. I'm exhausted all the time!!!

It's pretty well balanced. Despite the pressures on me, I'm really enjoying where I am in life right now. My mom keeps telling me that I need to relax because I "have the world by the ass." (Don't you love Mom's ability to turn a phrase?!?) She's right, but I've been hardwired this way. It's in my nature to stress and be anxious. But it all works out for the best.

And if it doesn't, I'll still be in Spain in 52 days!!!

How do you like that optimism!?!?
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