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29 September 2009

Ready? Set? GO!

Well, almost. Spain is a short 46 (!!!) days away, and I am ready to go! The next month plus is going to kill me, but it's all worth it. The other day I hit Burlington Coat Factory and found this awesome red suitcase that is HUGE. I paid $8.00 for it. I had a $40 gift card, and I asked for a little discount because there was something minor wrong on the inside. The manager told me that he would give me 15% off but actually took off $25 instead! So my $80 suitcase cost me $8 out of pocket!! I was pretty stoked about that. I needed a larger suitcase on wheels for this trip (I'm still overwhelmed on how to pack for two weeks!!), and this one was perfect.

In other good news, the passport came over the weekend, so that pressure has eased. Tonight I finished my paper/presentation, so there's even more pressure eased. Tomorrow I will register and submit my paper for publication, and that will mark the end of all my task-related deadlines. After tomorrow, I will be able to focus on teaching and writing the diss/prospectus until Espana.

I was thinking about life and where I am in it today while I was walking The Beast today, and I came to some interesting revelations. If I were still married and living in NY, I wouldn't be heading to Spain (almost free of charge!!) for Thanksgiving. I wouldn't be working in an amazing school with amazing students. I wouldn't be living in the Triangle and making great professional and social connections. And, most importantly, I wouldn't be this happy. So, while the divorce was taxing and stressful, it was definitely worth it. I am in such a better place now with so many blessings. I actually wonder if I would be in this same situation if I had never gotten married in the first place ... But, the important thing is, here I am!!
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